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Digital training made simple.. yet effective.. no matter what qualifications you have!

IF Digital Club will help you develop your digital skills.

With digital technology being a major part of any business we offer the support that gives you the edge, especially when searching for your next role.

We help you gain the confidence and new skills to find work.

Once you register FREE with Investing in the Future you will be able to develop your skills FREE with IF Digital Club,

Visit us at www.ifdigital.club


“Helping young adults and unemployed people gain valuable work experience, along with relevant and transferable skills to make them employment ready via the I’m Savvy programme”

At IF Digital club you have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, we run a programme “I’m Savvy” which is a Magazine and online blog.

Every month there is an opportunity for people to work with the team whilst gaining valuable new skills.

For more information about the skills you can develop at the IF Digital club including the I’m Savvy programme please follow the link…